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Jonathan Cohen

Jonathan is a partner at NextLaw, and licensed by the Law Society of Ontario.

How Much is a Stunt Driving Insurance Increase?

The real question is not necessarily “how much” will my insurance increase with a stunt driving charge in Ontario.  The real question is “will I still get insured” with a stunt driving charge.The actual penalties listed under the Highway Traffic Act – Section 172 – Stunt or Racing – are penalties that may affect you in the short term.  These penalties include fines of $2,000 or more, possible jail time, demerit points and license suspension.  But the bigger problem is, even if you get the minimum fine of $2,000 and 6 demerit points, the real issue will start when your insurance comes up for renewal.Each insurance company has different rules and conditions for determining your insurance premiums.  However, in our experience, the chances of getting flat-out denied insurance due to a stunt driving charge, are incredibly high.

How does denial of insurance affect my life?

That’s a question only you can answer.  But for most of our clients, the ability to drive is their lifeline.  It is their only way to get to and from work.  It is critical to take care of their family.  It is important for visiting loved ones, getting to medical appointments.For younger individuals, it allows them to get to job interviews, and get employed out of school.  The bottom line, is there is no benefit to not driving.  Although it is considered a “privilege” under the law, it is a privilege that most cannot live without.  Driving is integrally tied into our everyday lives.

Are their other consequences of stunt driving, other than the penalties on your website?

Sure.  Even if you could live without driving for a few years due to denial of insurance, having a stunt driving charge on your driving record may haunt you for life.  It tells a story about your driving that will appear every time anyone looks at your record, even after the 3 years set out by the insurance company.  Here is a good example.  If you had a stunt driving charge 5 years ago, and you get a simple speeding ticket or some other offence, and have to appear in court, the prosecutor will still see that stunt driving charge on your record.  Even if many years have passed, it sill always be a stigma when assessing your driving credibility in court.

So what’s the solution?

Get legal help.  Your work, family, and ability to function with a car is on the line.  That’s everything to a lot of people.  You have to decide what that is worth to you.  Aside from just the fines, you have to weigh the impact on your insurance, your driving record, and other major penalties.

How much will my insurance increase from a stunt driving charge

Each insurance company is different. However, you may not face an increase. Rather, you may face an outright refusal to get insured. A stunt driving charge is one of the more serious traffic convictions for insurance companies. Get educated about the charges so you best know how to proceed.

How can I get my stunt driving charge dismissed or withdrawn?

If there’s a BIG mistake with your charge, it may get withdrawn. Even if you’re guilty. These BIG mistakes are called 'Fatal Errors'. Fatal Errors are BIG mistakes that can't be fixed. If your case has a fatal error, there is a possibility your charge could get withdrawn. These Errors are usually found in your Disclosure

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